miércoles, 14 de julio de 2010

3D: Leonar3Do, realidad virtual

Ilustrar en el aire con gafa de 3D y sin ratón.
Desde 2005.
Phoenix, Arizona.

Información del producto.

Hardware y software

Name of the product: Leonar3Do.
Short description of the product: interactive desktop VR (virtual reality) equipment for personal computer. (Leonar3Do Product description see in the enclosure.)
Purchase price: 750,- EUR / kit (+ 25% VAT, if you order from the territory of the European Union)
Method of payment: Bank transfer. (We send you proform invoice based on your order.)
Shipping deadline: 1 week after the arrival of the purchase price at our bank account. (We send you a message about arrival of the purchase price.)
Method of delivery: delivery onto the granted shipping address (The cost of delivery is charged to 3D for All.).
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