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GRAPHICS: The Blitz, agosto 1940-mayo 1941

70 años de los ataques alemanes al Reino Unido.

Carta de Hitler.
Julio de 1940

Respuesta de Churchill

El plan alemán.

Manual nazi para atacar el Reino Unido.

Visto en War and Game.

Visto en War and Game.

Fase II: 24 de agosto-5 de septiembre de 1940

Fase III: Ofensiva en septiembre de 1940

Daily Sketch
16 page tabloid format newspaper replica of original Daily Sketch Newspaper produced on August 29th 1940
Includes stories on war-related events, pictures, black-out times and advertisements
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7 de septiembre de 1940

The ‘Blitz’ on Britain’s cities had begun - London would endure 57 nights of bombing without respite. 43,000 civilians would be killed, half of them in London, and more than one million homes destroyed or damaged in London alone. Other cities that were to suffer included Belfast, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Coventry, Glasgow, Sheffield, Swansea, Liverpool Hull, Manchester, Portsmouth, Plymouth and Southampton.

Portada de Life

23 de septiembre de 1940

The Illustrated London News, octubre 1940

Daily Mail
31 de diciembre de 1940

This edition of the Daily Mail had on its front page a photograph by Herbert Mason of the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral showing through the smoke from the fires resulting from the severe raid on the City of the night of 29 December 1940. It was captioned as 'War's Greatest Picture'. The image of St. Paul's is undoubtedly now the most well known of the Blitz. It suggests that even then the survival of St. Paul's had become a symbol of defiance. The accompanying text states that the image is 'one that all Britain will cherish - for it symbolises the steadiness of London's stand against the enemy: the firmness of Right against Wrong'. How much was this statement reflecting public opinion and how much was it influencing it?

Famosa fotografía de St. Paul
Photographer: Herbert Mason
29 de septiembre de 1940

Daños alrededor de St. Paul
This map is an approximation used for demonstration purposes only. O/S maps are required for exact alignment. It is an immediate post Blitz map showing Wren's London and its bomb damage.The circle appears to have protected St Paul's Cathedral amazingly well!

Clásica fotografía de Corbis.
German Bomber over London
London and the Thames lie vulnerable below a German Heinkels 111 bomber, seen from an escort plane during a bombing raid on July 9, 1940.
9 de julio de 1940
London, England, UK
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